Construction Terms



Acquisition & Construction

LOAN AMOUNT: $2,000,000 and up.

BORROWER: Owner/ developer with track record.

LOAN TERM: 1 to 7 years, interest only.

PREPAYMENTS: Loans may be prepaid at any time, after a 3 year lockout period, with no prepayment penalties.


COLLATERAL: First-mortgage on land and existing structures. Borrowers must personally guarantee all notes.

On larger loans completion/construction bond by G.C. and/or Letter of Credit from investment grade institution.

L-T-V RATIO: Up to 50% of the As-Is Value by An  independent third party MAI appraisal, up to

70% of approved infrastructure development costs, and up to 80% of approved vertical development costs.

USE OF LOAN: Proceeds may only be used for construction costs, real estate acquisition, and some related costs.

PROCESSING: Completed loan application, title report, appraisal, project overview, proposed building plans,

cost projection for disbursement schedule, proof of funds for purchase of land, two years personal and

corporate tax returns. Approvals within 24 hours,commitments within 48 hours.

EXIT FEE: In lieu of equity, there may be a fee of between 1% and 5% of the loan amount.

COMMITMENT FEE: Typically between 1% and 3% of Loan Amount.

SUBMISSIONS: Borrower’s financial statements and tax returns for 2 years • Brief property description Sources

and use of proceeds statements • Appraisal, if available