Metropolis Lending specialists help you structure letter of credit terms that meet the needs of your specific trade or standby transaction. We help you explore angles you might have overlooked, including foreign currency issues, risk mitigation, trade insurance, and finance options

Import Letters of Credit:

  Letter of credit specialists help you keep transactions and merchandise moving and assist you with documentary requirements. We understand your need for quick issuance of the letter of credit or amendment.

  • Metropolis Trade Services Limited in Hong Kong helps you react to your vendors quickly. We can make direct contact with your vendors on your behalf.

Export Letters of Credit:


Letters of credit are authenticated and reviewed for problematic requirements in terms and are relayed to you quickly.

  • Letter of credit specialists work with customers for 100% documentary compliance on first presentation to ensure rapid payment.

  • Metrolopils  Finance specialists will assist you with evaluating government agency programs to fit your export financing needs.

Standby Letters of Credit:
  • Letter of credit requirements are reviewed and structured to eliminate unnecessary risks.

  • Text is structured to strengthen letter of credit documents for your specific use, e.g. to back bond transactions, performance or contract bidding, or insurance-related matters.